AWS Route53 NS

I have a Route53 domain and I have 4 fields in one NS type set by AWS that Cloudfare asks to change for I believe 2 NS records. However, AWS only lets me have one NS record. How do you handle this?

I can’t imagine a scenario where you’d use Route53 to delegate DNS to Cloudflare unless you’re on a Business or Enterprise plan and you’re delegating subdomains to Cloudflare. Otherwise, you’d have to use the domain registrar to assign that domain’s name servers to Cloudflare.

Thank you for your answer. You are probably saying with other words that what I intend to do - or what I believed I could do - is stupid, full of nonsense. Perhaps should I express my thoughts when doing what I did, as a lesson for any newbie. I stored stuff on AWS S3, bought a domain and exposed this stutff to the world with Route53, but unfortunately, it seems that I can’t use https. Then I believed that through Cloudfare services, you could in fact reverse proxy the traffic with Cloudfare’s, which on top provides security, speed and ssh safety. That’s why I thought that sharing names between Route53 and Cloudfare made sense. At least I understand that I should urgently try to improve my understanding of all this.

I follow this:
The registar is AWS with Route53. They don’t allow 2 NS fields, so they only solution is to paste the 2 entries supplied by Cloudfare into the NS field, but this doesn’t work.

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