AWS route53 & cloudflare does not work after NS record updated


i have updated NS and DNSsec as requested on Cloudflare with all setup but the website is not accessible anymore.

Appreciate any help.

It looks like there are no DNS records for your domain or ‘www’. What instructed you to add NS records and DNSSEC? You can almost always do without those.

Unless by “NS”, you mean name servers for your domain. In which case, the onboarding process would have scanned DNS records and asked you to confirm that they were correct.

Cloudflare DNS would replace Route53, so I’m not sure why you need Route53 once you start using Cloudflare.

thanks, let me check

I updated all DNS record directly on CF, except SOA which I cannot delete on route 53. But still not access to my website.

Can you post a screenshot of your entire DNS page here at Cloudflare? I’m specifically looking for those missing records and the assigned name servers. It’s ok if you black out IP addresses.

Yes sure;

I solved the issue by changing flexible to strict the SSL part on cloudflare. But the DNSSEC on cloudflare still in pending.

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I wouldn’t stress about the DNSSEC. It’ll either resolve, or it will time out (I think). If a few days goes by, turn it off, then make sure it’s not enabled at the registrar end (Amazon?). Then wait a few days, then try again.

ok thanks

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My domain is registered with Route 53 and does not appear to be resolving to AWS’s nameservers. I’ve attempted deleting the Hosted Zone multiple times and re-creating it without success. The nameservers I’m using are as listed below and I have lowered the TTL to 60 seconds.

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