AWS Route 53 Not Using Cloudflare NS records

Why in the world will AWS Route 53 not tell Cloudflare and the rest of the planet about the updated Name Servers in my record as shown here? So frustrating. It has been this way for day after day. Thanks in advance for any tips:

“NS” for a root domain need to be set at the Registrar’s WHOIS settings for that domain. Actual NS records are for subdomains. So if Amazon is SOA, but you want to delegate to another name server, that’s what you’d use NS records for.

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OMG - of course, I need to slow down here to speed up. Thanks.

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so I registered on Route53 and I have NX set by AWS for ‘’ with 4 strings,
Screenshot 2020-10-08 at 20.12.13

and nothing for “”. Does this mean I have to create an NS entry for ‘’ on Route53 and put the 2 strings provided by Cloudfare?
Screenshot 2020-10-08 at 20.09.15

However, Cloudfare says ‘replace’, and I have nothing to replace, as I said, has no NS, I have to create it.
Screenshot 2020-10-08 at 20.10.28

So how you need to do this in AWS Route 53 is clear as mud. I was able to find it - here is the current path:

Enter the Route 53 service in the management console - you should start at the Dashboard. In the nav on the left - choose Registered domains.

Select the Cloudflare-related domain. Under the information about your domain, you will see the Name Servers category with a link that allows you to “Add or edit name servers”.



Bueno! I wonder how you found your way…

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