AWS Name server

Hello -
Just signed up for CloudFlare and had a question in regards to a name server update in AWS. I have changed my name servers in Route 53 to CloudFlare’s name servers. It’s still checking for name server update after many hours. My registrar is MarkMonitor, but they do not host my zone records. Does anything need to be done within Mark Monitor for the name server to update correctly?


Depends on where you changed them. A domain in Route 53 will only update the authoritative records for your zone if it’s showing up in the ‘registered domains’ section of R53:


If it’s simply a hosted zone, then r53 is acting as your authoritative DNS, and adding NS records there won’t activate CF (since CF needs to become the only authoritative DNS source).

If it doesn’t activate soon, you probably need to change the name servers at your registrar instead.

I figured that may be the case. Thank you

Yep - if you need to replicate any DNS record automation you used to use r53 for, CF has an API for managing DNS:

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