AWS load balancer with Cloudflare SSL Full mode giving Error 522

We have a subdomain pointed to our AWS load balancer using CNAME with proxy enabled. We cannot figure out why Cloudflare is giving an Error 522. We have 3 other subdomains set up the same way.

The domain is
The target is

[]( serves with a valid Amazon Cert for *

We have tried

  1. Using a Cloudflare origin cert
  2. Modify the TLS security policies
  3. Rebuilding the AWS environment
  4. Using a different subdomain
  5. Using different browsers, desktops, and ISPs

We still cannot figure out what we are missing. If we disable CF proxying it works but that limits what we can use CF for.

We appreciated any support you can provide.

This issue was resolved. We rebuild the environment again.

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