Aws lightsail bandwidth free!

It’s written that when

Both data transfer IN to Lightsail instances and data transfer OUT from a Lightsail instance when using the instance’s private IP address are free beyond your data transfer allowance.

Does that mean when using Cloudflare tunnel i am actually avoiding the AWS bandwidth charges?

Also i am not using the instance public ip anymore

If you exceed your data transfer allowance, you will only get charged for data transfer OUT from a Lightsail instance to the Internet or to AWS resources using the public IP address of the instance.

Can anyone please clear my doubt :eyes: :dotted_line_face:


Even though the connection is an outbound one and does not listen on a port, it will still go over the public internet and thus route via the public IP address. Any data you send out to customers over Cloudflare Tunnel will still be counted as outgoing egress by Lightsail. This behaviour is no different to a regular webserver setup, Tunnel doesn’t change the way bandwidth is calculated.

ohhhhhh thanks

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