AWS ELB with Godaddy registrar

I ve tried following the tutorials and answers on this forum but I can not get the set up to work.
I did this:
I created a classic load balancer on AWS
I created hosted zones in Route53 and added an A record pointing at the load balancer
I changed the NS servers in Godaddy to Cloudflare
I added a Cname record in Cloudflare using Name = the domain and Target = the Name of the ELB that is supossed to go in an A record.

It doesnt work :(( and I dont understand why.

I m moving from Cloudfront to Cloudflare because of the proxy security.

Any help much appreciated.

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For anyone else stack I got it working:

  1. I created the classic load balancer, making sure it has the same security group as the instances
  2. I created a hosted Zone in Route 53 and added the domain
  3. I added the Route53 NS records to Godaddy
  4. I added the A alias record to the Classic Load Balancer in Route 53. I chose the availability zone and then the load balancer appeared in the field. please note it has a pre pended word to the load balancer dns name. This is where I was going wrong! I was copying the DNS load balancer name without this pre pended word and pasted that in the cname. That wont work
  5. I then added the site to cloudflare
  6. I changed the godaddy dns ns to cloduflare
  7. In the cloduflare I added Cname entered domain in name and the load balancer name including the prepend (as it appears in route 53 A record)
  8. I added a secondary Cname to cloudflare in the name I entered www and target

I hope this helps it took me all day to figure it out.


How to configure Route 53 to Cloudflare

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