Aws Ec2 windows + cloudflare gives 522 Error

Hello, I have recently added my domain. I am trying to host on Aws EC2 windows 2019.
so, i’ll be straight to point. i added ns in domain registry

then bound elastic ip to ec2 –
then I records in cloudflare

but somehow the setup not working. I h’ve searched the community and read some articles but still no result…
i can surf website by [Elastic IP]
I whitelisted tcp connection in aws secuity groups then i even whitelisted all the tcp ports still no result
since new members can only attack one img then tcp connections here (
I don’t know even this is related but I am using Nginx on instance

If you change Proxy Status to :grey: (DNS-Only) and wait five minutes to take effect, does it work?

sir, there s no option for editing proxy-status

That isn’t very intuitive. You should be able to click on the :orange: and change it to :grey:.

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