AWS CloudFront (Routing Issues)

Hey Cloudflare !!
I have tested traceroute and ping test of AWS CloudFront and i’m always connected from Singapore on DNS but on Google DNS or my ISP DNS i’m connected on Fujairah UAE. My ISP is now directed routed to AWS Servers but DNS is not connected me to nearest server. This is a AWS CloudFront CDN ( Kindly check my screenshots and fixed it as soon as possible. You mail service is ■■■■ only bots can response there.

That’s mostly caused by (non-existing) peering agreements.

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But my previous issue was resolved by Cloudflare about Akamai CDN routing. Now this time can you fix the routing of AWS CloudFront CDN and their overall services? if you will fix it so that’s will be good for me. ThankYou !!


I can’t find any solution here and there was no one from Cloudflare involved.

Akamai CDN

Reading your other posts it seems that your ISP is not that well connected. I may be wrong. Since you opened a ticket for this issue, reply to the „bot“ and the ticket will be forwarded to a support engineer.
Once done and there’s no reply (can take some time) share the ticket ID, one of the mods can have a look too.

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Ok, Can i also contact to my ISP ?

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