AWS Blocked by Firewall

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first-time poster, hope this hasn’t already been covered.

One of our website’s firewalls is blocking AWS network users and they’re getting hit with a 1020 error.

Currently we block a few countries which I imagine is the issue, but is there a way around this to allow AWS network users through? Currently let bots through so I figure allow an Ip range through too? Problem is I can’t find where/what I need to be doing to resolve this after multiple google searches and forum dredges.

Sorry for being a noob and I look forward to your answers,


I’m a little unsure why you would have AWS users trying to access your site. Are they running processes on AWS servers that query your server?

Ultimately, take a look at Firewall Event Log in for those 1020 Access Denied events to see which security setting is being triggered. It should show you something like an AS Number for AWS that you can add as an Allow in Firewall Tools.

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