AWS, Bitnami Wordpress site down

I have a wordpress site that is hosted on AWS EC2 with Cloudflare for the SSL. This site has been up and running since 2017 with no issues and I regularly update Wordpress. Today I noticed that the website is down for some reason. It appears to be an issue with the Cloudflare SSL or something related to Cloudflare because I can go directly to the IP address of the server and view the Wordpress website. I have tried many troubleshooting steps but I can’t figure out what the problem is. I have not changed anything and it was all working fine after I last updated the Wordpress plugins.
Any help is much appreciated!
Thank you!!!

It looks like you don’t have DNS records at Cloudflare. Check your DNS tab in the Cloudflare dashboard for and ‘www’. While you’re there, make sure the two name servers listed farther down are emma and nile.

@sdayman thanks for the reply. The funny thing is that I did not change anything on the website, wordpress admin, or on Cloudflare before I noticed that the site was down last night. I did change the EIP from the AWS Console yesterday during my troubleshooting but I made sure the Cloudflare DNS records reflected that change. Maybe you were not seeing my DNS because it took a while to fully propagate that IP address change, possibly?
The reason I say this whole thing is “funny” as in really strange is that the website is just magically working again. Since I did not change anything on my end to make it (NOT) work in the first place, then I can only think that something strange was going on with Cloudflare and on their end because it is working now. I hope it stays that way as I have not had a problem in over 2 years until this week.

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