AWS Amplify not Propagating on CF DNS

We have amplify app on AWS. They provided a CNAME to point on the it on a custom domain which is on Cloudflare.

Previously, this subdomain have an A record pointing to the old app. After changing CNAME record. It started to act weird. I waited for couple of days however. It still pointing on the old server. As per checking using DNS checker. The CNAME was correct. I am wondering what do i missed here.

As evident by your screenshots, the entry resolves just fine to the configured hostname. If the right content is not loading, you need to clarify this with your host, as Cloudflare only handles DNS - and that works

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Thank you for your response.
However, it seems the subdomain is showing the old dns record which is an A Record.

Is there any conflict if I used the old A record and change it to CNAME record?

It doesn’t. Again, as your own screenshots show, the configured CNAME entry resolves.

nslookup -type=cname
Address: canonical name =
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Thanks. Ill keep you posted once I got resolution from AWS

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