Avoiding certain countries

Is it possible to configure Cloudflare Zero Trust so that users are not redirected to Cloudflare data centers in certain countries? Today a user in Asia was routed to a CF data center in a region that is sensitive. I saw reference to a region field in the support documents. [Link]

Would configuring this field help? Thank you so much.

/ Cloudflare-one / connections / connect-apps/ install-and-setup/tunnel-guide / local / local-management /arguments/#region

There’s the Data Localization Suite but that is an Enterprise add-on - https://www.cloudflare.com/data-localization/

Unless there’s special requirements due to regulation or compliance, it’s not necessary to perform any kind of restrictions on which points of presence are used. They all adhere to the same standards for security & privacy.

This decides where the Tunnel connects to the edge - the user’s connection to Cloudflare is not affected by this and they will be routed to whichever PoP their ISP’s routing decides.

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Thank you. This is a compliance issue.