Avoiding an enemy spam clicking your ads?

I’m interested to know what can be done to avoid people ruining your income from ads, especially
with Adsense as it would result in a ban.

It’s worrying to think someone could go onto your site, spam click your ads and you pay the price.

I’ve been told numerous that Cloudflare is the answer, so here I am. Can someone give me a break down on how I would do this please?

Bit of a newbie to all of this, so any feedback/advice is greatly appreciated!

You can create firewall rules that challenge bots or suspected bots.

Humans fraudulently clicking ads in your site? Complicated, those attacks exist and there are companies that fight them but I haven’t used any to tell how reliable they are.

IF you are the one placing ads and your concern is competitors/click farms draining your budget, there are services for that as well, Cloudflare isn’t actively made for that though.
Clickfraud protections normally analyze your ads clicks and report to google/ads platform those clicks they believe are malicious, it’s up to the ads platform whether to respect their report.

Can Cloudflare be used to fix the issue you are describing? Yesn’t, it might work in some cases but it’s not made to fix the issue you are describing so, complex attack vectors will most likely go through.

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