''Avoid landing page redirects''

There seems to be a setting missing in my Cloudflare DNS records in order to improve pagespeed score. When I test my page on Gtmetrix.com, I get a F(32) score for ‘’ Avoid landing page redirects’’ even though my hosting provider assures me that my Http adress redirects to Https without problem. What can I do to fix this issue?

Between http/https and www/non-www, there can be several landing page redirects. You can reduce this to a maximum of one, but never zero if someone types in the opposite http/www of what your site uses.

Landing Page redirects are a low priority for me, as Google crawls and gets it right, so visitors from Google won’t get a redirect.

A Page Rule can reduce redirects:

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this means that http will always redirect to https and thus create a F(32) score?

Did you try adding the Page Rule?

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