Avoid landing page redirects for the following chain of redirected URLs

Hi, I’m using Cloudflare SSL for my Wordpress website. I have tested it with two plugins, the Really Simple SSL plugin, and the Cloudflare SSL plugin, which enable flexible SSL on the WordPress site. Regardless of which plugin I use on my site, there is still the issue of automatically generating URLs after linking to my site.

For example: When I enter my site link https://flowerclam2019.com/, sometimes it will redirect to https://flowerclam2019.com/QeQWZ/ and display a 404 error page. The QeQWZ/ is automated generated by the system. (I do not know why this is so ) I created some new sites to test, and when I enabled Cloudflare SSL, it encountered the same problem on my new site.

I received a notification when I tested my site using GTmetrix:

Avoid landing page redirects for the following chain of redirected URLs.


What should I do? Sometimes I get a test on GTmetrex it got 404 pages as screenshot https://prnt.sc/o3res4

Probably remove this. The are telling it exactly to you.

Also, completely unrelated of Cloudflare.

Hi Matteo, thanks for your reply, you said that remove the link [QeQWZ/] right? (https://flowerclam2019.com/QeQWZ/) I try to remove it but when I enter my site link again it will automate generate another URL like xXuze after my link.

Well, that isn’t really a question for the Cloudflare forum. It’s a problem with your server configuration…

Matteo, If it is a server issue, do you have any suggestions for my server configuration?

No, because there are an almost infinite amount of pobbile server stack and configurations. This isn’t the place for that and it would be a long trial and error.

Contact someone that can do that for you if you don’t find the solution.

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