Avoid landing page redirect and images that takes too long to load

Guys very new to this Done all the optimisation as i could and now facing these 2 issues:


Can really do with your help.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Your website calls an off-site resource, and the resource connection is abnormal, which affects the opening speed of your website.
You can modify or delete the abnormal connection call.

Hi Tony,
It was really wonderful to see such a quick response. Will you be kind enough to guide me how i can modify or delete the abnormal connection call?
Thanks again

Check your source code, find the two abnormal external connections, delete or change the local connection.

Hi again Tony,
Sorry i am a novice and learning all of these things. if you could tell me more sort of front end way.

Find the two abnormal connections in your first screenshot in the source code of your website and delete them.

This isn’t a front-end problem, and those connections are not going through Cloudflare. It needs a developer to go through the back end of your site and fix the problem. Try fiverr or upwork for a WordPress tech.

Hi again Tony,
managed to delete them.
How do i solve the too many redirect issue on the landing pafe as per 2nd screenshot?
Thanks again

Landing page redirects are normal if you don’t type in the canonical URL. In real life, it’s not a problem. Search results return a canonical URL, and having your site on the HSTS preload list helps as well.


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