Avoid caching certain ads/images using CF Pro with Polish, minifications & APO for Wordpress

We use CF Pro with Polish, minifications & APO for Wordpress on a client’s web site.
How can we avoid caching certain ads/images so that they update instantly after being changed?
The ads are basically images and they are stored in the wordpress site media library.
We can not specify a specific URL for this and use Page Rules. I sthere anyway to tag an element to tell Cloudlfare not to cache that element?
We want to keep the cache on as much as possible for most of the content on the site.

Adding Cache-Control headers on your Origin is the standard way to control an intermediate cache. For an asset that should never be cached, the following is the required header:

Cache-Control: no-store

You can add that header to just the assets you do not what to cache.

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