Aviatrix VPN controller SSL generation

We use Aviatrix as our VPN service and we want to use a subdomain of ours as the FQDN. We need a signed certificate and the process is here: Controller Certificate Management — aviatrix_docs documentation

Do I create an origin certificate for this? I’m not clear where in our dashboard I need to generate the certs I need to get this server protected.

As long as that server is only reachable through the Cloudflare Proxy, an origin cert would work. You don’t even need to generate a CSR. Cloudflare can provide the entire certificate chain from SSL/TLS → Origin Server.

That seems to have worked. Is there any way to speed up the connection? It takes about two minutes to load the page. Before we were loading quickly via direct IP but using the FQDN now that’s being proxied through CF it’s a bit slower to load.

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