AVG Anti-Virus Blocking My Website Based on Cloudflare's IP

AVG Anti-Virus has blocked my. It said due to phishing and marker it as an “infected website”. I completed a ‘false positive’ form on AVG’s website and almost immediately had a reply from AVG saying: “I’ve tested your, it’s site clean. Unfortunately, the host IP is shady.”

Of course, this is the host IP that is assigned by Cloudflare, which I believe is static? So my question is… is there a way to request for the public facing IP to be changed? Or a way I can change it myself? I can’t find any such settings.

This is probably got something to do with your hosting provider, as Cloudflare is NOT usually a hosting provider!

Yeah, you’re right. Cloudflare is not my host, but AVG don’t know my set up, they were generalising. What they meant was my IP is tainted, and it is Cloudflare who assign my public IP. The true IP address of my hosting provider is hidden behind Cloudflare, AVG don’t see this.

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