Average Serve Response Time

Hello, I have migrated my DNS to Cloudfare and i am using full caching. As per the field data from Google Analytics it looks like the server response time is on the higher side (approx. 0.63). The response is completely from Cloudfare. Occasionally, domain look up time is also on the higher side

Anything which can be done to optimize

I just ran a KeyCDN test on my site with full caching and got these results. If your .63 is in seconds, you’ll have to see if your content is actually cached. Old content gets evicted if it’s not frequently accessed.

I tried and attached the results. My users are generally from Indonesia (Jakarta, Surbya), India (Delhi, Mumbai, Begalore). I am surprised to 1.7 sec and 760 ms for Bangalore. I though Clodfare has servers at Singapore, Jakarta, Bangalore, Bombay, Delhi. Does this means the cache is not available on some locations and hence leading to higher response time

I just realized mine wasn’t an entirely fair check, as that was a Business Plan site. Here’s one from a free plan without the cache warmed up. With the cache warmed up, all results are <100ms, except for Singapore and Bangalore, which are still ~700ms. Bangalore (India region) always gives me generally slow results as those rarely hit the local datacenter.

What is cache warmed up? Does this means i need to take business plan? Will business plan help in reducing the TTFB/FCP for users from India/Indonesia/Singapore

Anything that’s cached by Cloudflare doesn’t stay forever. So it often takes a few visits before everything stays in cache. All plans work this way.

Business plans get higher priority at a datacenter, so if BLR is kind of busy, free plans get routed to another data center to make room for higher paid plans.

I am not worried about the first few users. However, i will try to upgrade for business plan. I hope this will may improve the performance
But, is there any support which can diagnose and check for slow response for users from Indonesia/India

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