Average DNS queries per day/month


Good day,
I’d like to get the Load Balancing feature but don’t know how much it’s gonna cost. I know it’s hard to guess but there is 500,000 free DNS queries / month, what should wordpress website with 1000/visits/day expect per day/month? (orange-clouded traffic)



Straight math says that’s 30,000 DNS queries per month. One visit should be one DNS query. But let’s say that it’s a long visit that exceeds the 5 minute TTL for that DNS query (and the browser decides to check again). A ten-minute visit might double the queries to 60,000. I think it will take a lot to hit 500,000 DNS queries.

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Thanks a lot for your answer, @sdayman. Makes things clearer.
I have multiple websites connected to my CloudFlare account (all free) and if I understand correctly the Load Balance feature shares accross all websites so i can have ~10 websites with 45k DNS queries each and it still would be free, right? 50cents for additional 500,000 doesn’t seem too much though.