Avatar Caching

first, couldn’t be happier with how my discussion board website is running now that i’ve moved to a new host and started Cloudflare, it has never performed better, not even close.

however there does seem to be a bit of a prob with user avatars, they are a bit slow to load, you see a blank hold space for a moment before they are painted whenever a thread is opened… is there something i can do on the Cloudflare end to fix this? or perhaps an htaccess or Cloudflare rewrite rule? thanks!

Those could very well be using Gravitar. If you open up Dev Tools from your browser, can you see from they’re loading?

thought that might be the case but it’s not, for example here’s the code for a couple of the avatars…

<img class=" avatar" src="./download/file.php?avatar=84_1473704191.jpg" width="225" height="168" alt="User avatar">

<img class=" avatar" src="./download/file.php?avatar=564_1519445711.png" width="224" height="223" alt="User avatar">

seems that once the avatar is loaded for the first time, subsequent loads are fine…

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