Avaitor signal Pro app

Dear sir/madam,
I have purchased Avaitor Signal Pro app from Google Play, after purchase the app is showing error 1020, the app does not open , kindly guide me how to resolve the issue to get access.

1020 means the site owner has put a rule in place that is blocking your requests - Cloudflare can’t offer any assistance in this case, you need to reach out to the site or app owner.

How to reach out to the app owner please suggest.

Google Play likely includes an email contact for the developer, Cloudflare wouldn’t be able to tell give you the contact details so I’d check with the play store.

Sir ,
I am not a developer, I have purchased the app called Avaitor Signal Pro but unable to process it due to error 1020

Go back into to the app in the Google Play store and Google will have a contact for the application developer for you to reach out to - Cloudflare doesn’t have the contact details for you, only Google will.

You mean to say google play store

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