Autoupdate doesn't work anymore


our Autoupdate from doesn’t work anymore. This happenend after the 19th to the 20th of december since there haven’ been any other tests.

If we send an user-agent then there is a success but if we cant send an user-agent with us then there is the error code 403 (Forbidden).

What did cloudflare change in the christmas vacation?

What can we do to fix the problem?




Your / this site is not using Cloudflare:

Status: connect

And there were no changes to the domain since

Changed: 2019-09-18T12:01:20+02:00

If you are referring to as DNS resolver, regardless if this site is or was on cloudflare: it has nothing to do with User Agents. This issue is related to the site / update process or whatever.

Yeah, that is true that we dont use cloudflare on this but is redirected to where we use cloudflare.

. Here i got success if I send it with an User-Agent and the redirect isn’t in use. So something changed because everything with an user-agent does work but if we send no user-agent we get 403.

But i did not change our rules or anybody else so there must be an update or something else.

Can you help me there?