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My SSL certificate renews tomorrow (Tuesday 26th) and I’m getting emails stating that the new certificate lacks the following domains that the previous certificate secured…and then goes on to list my main domain and related mail domains.

I have no idea what this means or what I need to do to make sure my domain is still secured by tomorrow. Hoping someone can help me!

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It’s quite possible this is for the SSL certificates at your host. Have you checked with them? (UPDATE: Definitely a host issue if it’s AutoSSL/cPanel).

What’s the domain?


I did check with them and they told me I need to contact Cloudflare to see if they can help me. They said something about my domain not being directed towards them so they can’t do anything about it.

The domain is


Set those DNS records to :grey: and then see about restoring SSL at your site through cPanel. When it’s :grey:, it will point directly at your server and if your host can’t help you get it working, get a new host. :rage:


Okay, thank you! I’m gonna try that!

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