AutoSSL did not renew the certificate for domain after migrating nameserver to cloudflare

I have moved nameservers of a domain to cloudflare a few weeks ago, that was using a AutoSSL before.

And recently I received the following message from AutoSSL:

DNS DCV: No local authority: “(”; HTTP DCV: The system queried for a temporary file at “”, which was redirected from “”. The web server responded with the following error: 404 (Not Found). A DNS (Domain Name System) or web server misconfiguration may exist. The domain “(” resolved to an IP address “104.21.x.x” that does not exist on this server.

Now accessing that domain through cloudflare proxy, that uses his own certificates, I can disable that AutoSSL that was being used previosly, in cPanel in this case, that cloudflare proxy will not have any issues right?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @jajam,

You still need a valid certificate on your server to encrypt the connection between Cloudflare and your server.

There’s some info here:

Personally, I use a DNS challenge, rather than an HTTP one to validate my Let’s Encrypt certs.

Alternatively, you may want to consider using Cloudflare Origin Certificates instead, so you don’t have to worry about LE renewals.


Even using a SSL/TLS encryption mode in Full, where in cpanel it can even be a self signed certificate?

So, I’ve installed a cloudflare certificate on origin server, just in case.

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