AutoSSL and DCV Error

AutoSSL cannot validate domain and cannot fetch ssl because of the Cloudflare nameservers. How do we fix it? I installed the Cloudflare certificate for end to end encryption if i don’t have an ssl on my server but need one for my mail.

AutoSSL won’t work with am :orange: DNS record. What you can do is generate an origin certificate for 15 years and install that into cpanel

Thanks. Great articles. I’m using SSL for my mail server. This won’t work will it?

You should be able to get AutoSSL to work for your mail server because the A record to your mail server needs to be :grey:

Due to my curiosity, I’d be really interested to hear the experience if you @user55210 manage to get cPanel working with Cloudflare Origin CA certificate for your hostname(s) like www, sub-domain without mail hostname + AutoSSL working for mail hostname only :thinking:

From my past experiences, not really possible.
If I may share an post including two more posts about this so far if they might help in your case too:

I installed the origin certificate and turned on pull authenticated origin server setting. Then I used an ssl checker to check my mail subdomain and it says it’s secure.

Thank you for feedback.

But, may I ask have you checked using online tools and yourself if your e-mail is working propperly? :thinking:

I guess the Cloudflare Origin CA Certificate is installed for the mail hostname too? (despite unproxied :grey: DNS-only), which for it cannot be used for (as far as it’s a self-signed one and works only for web HTTP(S) traffic). Therefore, cPanel removed the AutoSSL certificate or it’s still there but not being in use :thinking:

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