Autoptimize-created JS and CSS not cached by Cloudflare

Dear Team

I have noticed that Autoptimize-created JS and css files are not being cached by Cloudflare. Please suggest.

Can you post such a link? Maybe you are sending headers in this case which prevent Cloudflare from caching it.

I was referring the resources you claim are not being cached.

That does not return the file at all but a redirect to a different site.

That is due to hotlink protection. If you suggest shall I deactivate for testing purpose

That protection might be the reason why you are experiencing the issue.

Also, did you check the mentioned headers?

The following file for example appears to be cached

I am trying to test with deactivate

Few of them are cached and few are not cached. I removed hotlink protection for css and js

Gets cached just as fine as well

These seem to be different URLs. As evident from my earlier screenshots the files seem to get cached. If you believe they dont post the URLs here.

We are going in circles. As already mentioned half an hour ago, that is not a URL of a resource.

jquery.js actually seems to be ignored by the cache. Overall the headers look all right, but you are sending a Vary header, which might prevent Cloudflare from caching it. However would seem to suggest that particular value is actually supported by Cloudflare.

It might be also a different header, which is sent by your server but obfuscated by Cloudflare’s proxies. IIRC there was such a thread here recently.

I’d probably open a support ticket at this point. Support should be able to point out what the issue might be. I’d also suggest you tweak your headers a bit to check whether you can find it yourself.

ok. Please open a support ticket

You will have to open one :slight_smile:

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