Automatically importing the DNS settings after the initial time?

I just wondered, is there a way to automatically import the dns settings for sites already on Cloudflare, just like what happens when you first add a website to cloudflare?

Only way I have found for it to automatically search and add the dns records is to remove and re-add the domain which seems silly.

Is there any other way for cloudflare to get the dns records automatically if the site is already on cloudflare other than removing and re-adding the domain?

My site is on cloudflare with the old info from my old host so the dns info is all wrong of course.
My website is pointing to the nameservers of my new host.

Much easier to import the dns info as I only have the nameservers from the host not all the ip addresses it needs on cloudflare so the import is really great but you seem to be only able to do that the initial time you add the site to cloudflare and to change the dns info you have to do it manually or remove the site, re-add it and let cloudflare automatically import the info.
That is what I want it to do but I cant seem to get it to do that unless I remove it again, hence the question.

I am not new to cloudflare and have been using it for many years.

If this isn’t already a feature, it would be great as it is so helpful.

If the site is already on Cloudflare, then the only place for Cloudflare to check DNS records would be Cloudflare.

If your host lets you export DNS records, you can try this:

Sorry I might not have worded it well it seems.

I have a site on cloudflare with the old information from my old host.
Changed host so the dns info changes.
My site is currently pointing to the new hosts nameservers. NOT cloudflare.

To add the new DNS info I have to do it manually (I don’t have all the ip addresses) OR I can delete it from cloudflare and re-add it and it automatically imports the DNS.

Anyway to run this wizard if the site is on clouldflare or is removing it and re-adding it the only way to get it to do it again?

Been using cloudflare for about 5 years so I can use it, just not sure you can do the import of settings again after the initial time which is a shame if not.

I can’t export the settings no.

You can’t run the wizard while the site is on Cloudflare because then where would Cloudflare scan the records from? The wizard just guesses at possible existing DNS records and then does DNS lookups. But since the site is on Cloudflare, those lookups would come from the records you already have in your Cloudflare account.

Because my site isn’t using the cloudflare nameservers right now as I mentioned I changed host so new name servers.
Just because my site is on cloudflare doesn’t mean that my site is using cloudflare right now as it isn’t as I haven’t got it set up yet.

The cloudflare info is the OLD info from the old host.
My site is using the new site nameservers.

So if cloudflare could do the scan again then it would find the correct info from the site. All the ip addresses that I don’t have the info of as I just have the nameservers.

But I guess the answer is no so never mind.

Really should be a feature, if not now, then for future

Ah, now I see. At best, you’d have to remove then re-add, but even then, Cloudflare often retains domain settings during a delete/re-add process. I wouldn’t count on all DNS records to be correct, as you might end up with old ones not being deleted.

Normally, people just manually update their DNS records. It’s a bit of a hassle, and a new scan might save a few steps, but you still need to comb through all the DNS records anyway to make sure they’re all correct.

Back to the auto-scan: It’s the “Jump start”, and that only happens during a domain add. There’s no other API call that does this that I’m aware of.

Massive shame it isn’t a feature but I assumed this was the answer,

I don’t have all the ip info and never have in about 20 years of making websites, only ever had nameservers given so always let cloudflare do it.

I have always had to remove and re-add a site and it is extra hassle as well as me not even having all the ip information.

So many people move host and have to update the info so really sucks that you cant run the scan again as it has always been right for me in decades of making many sites.

Oh well.
Would hope it would get added but I doubt it.

Worst thing is cloudflare doesn’t like domains and you have to press “add domain” about 15 times to get it to add it as it often gives errors about the domain. Very odd.
So removing it from cloudflare is something I hate to do as it can take ages to get it added.

Anyway, thanks for replying.
I thought the answer would be no but had to ask as it isn’t mentioned anywhere in all the help files of cloudflare.

I’m shocked to hear that, as I’ve always had access to the IP address info of wherever my sites have been hosted since '93.

I agree that it would be nice if you could just tell Cloudflare an authoritative name server to query for existing DNS records.

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