Automatically check if domain uses Cloudflare

It would be nice to have an automatic check on URLs in posts and mark them (i.e. special icons) if the website is proxied by Cloudflare and/or uses CF as DNS service.

Something like Claire but for all internal/external page URLs?

It is not useful for internal links but mostly external links are OP websites and we need to check that manually for every single question.

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Gotcha. +1
There has been some talk between the Community MVP’s (not Cloudflare) about such a feature and it would be most helpful. For the Community, an all-in-one quick diagnosis option would be nice and/or provide a checkbox or option to the OP that’s willing to share domain.


To respect DRY diagnostic tools for common issues is a good idea:

  1. An external service (to check what could be done from outside)
  2. A tool/script to run on server