Automatic zone/domain deletion

Let’s say I created a zone (domain) in cloudflare. Prescribed ns servers. After a while, zone was activated.
Now I have changed/deleted ns cloudflare servers for the domain.


  1. does cloudflare for active domains periodically monitor the correct ns servers values for each zone? If it detects a mismatch, it will transfer the zone to the pending status?

  2. After what time are zones in the pending status deleted from the user’s account? or will they hang there permanently until I manually delete them myself?

  3. if I add and activate a domain on another account, does this domain disappear in all other accounts? or will it be transferred to the pending status??

Hi @wstt,

Cloudflare does periodically check the nameservers and will usually change the status from Active to Moved a short while after the nameservers are changed.

Normally Pending zones are removed after 7 days if you do not activate them.

Adding a domain to another account and activating it, will cause the domain to show as Moved in the account that had it activated before. It will then be dropped after an email warning.

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