Automatic whitelist IPs?

I have around 500 IPs whitelisted, but I don’t remember having manually added them! Is there a way to check when and how they were added? Any ideas what could have added them? I have ddclient updating my server’s dynamic IP address regularly (and some, but not all, of the IPs seem to be my ISP provider’s). Do you think my server dynamic IP addresses may be added automatically to the whitelist? Is there a way to have them automatically removed once the address changes again? Or a way to batch remove them all? Thanks!

You should be able to check in the Audit Log…

But I do believe it will automatically whitelist your Server’s IP, there are a lot of applications and cron configurations that will send requests to themselves (their own domain) and sometimes that will end up going through CF, so CF will auto-whitelist your own server’s IPs.

That is true, not always though, I don’t exactly know when that happens.

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