Automatic Signed Exchanges (SXGs) is worth?

Hello All,

I was using Cloudflare APO but due to cache problem, I couldn’t continue so cancelled it.

Now I have been using WP Rocket which is good. It’s not like APO fast, but excellent performance.

I want to use Automatic Signed Exchanges (SXGs) alone (without APO) for the SEO benefits and faster search result.

Is it worth to pay 5$ for Automatic Signed Exchanges (SXGs) alone? And can we use Automatic Signed Exchanges (SXGs) without APO?

Can you Pls let me know?


I played with SXG on my blog write up at Testing Page Speed With Cloudflare Automatic Signed Exchanges & Google Search Cache - Centmin Mod Blog and the potential is great. But as I mentioned in my TTFB guide at Improving Time To First Byte (TTFB) With Cloudflare, right this moment SXG has too many limitations to be beneficial.

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Yeah Eva I remember your article when I was using SXG and you helped me as well to find out whether it’s working fine or not.

Regarding TTFB, I have been using free plan CF and using Shared hosting so can’t expect much but with WP Rocket the performance has improved a lot.

I liked the APO a lot, but it’s not working as expected :frowning: due to cache problem.

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