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I have a new site in maintenance mode while we finish it and set to no index. On Friday we installed the free version of cloudflare. The site is STILL in maintenance mode. We immediately began getting dozens of spam registrations per day (we hadn’t gotten a single one up to that point). Coincidence?



When we are setting up a new site, we tend to do several things to prepare it as far as SEO and social network are concerned. I’d suggest you check if have added your domain to social platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook etc, which are a known source for spam abuse. Not these social networks fault, don’t take me wrong, but wherever you publicize your domain name you may also be attracting bots. Sometimes these social networks are fed our domain names automatically by certain plugins, especially sharing plugins.

As for how to stop these unwanted registrations, I’d second @sdayman suggestion a few posts above to add a Firewall or Page Rule, except perhaps you’ll find plugins that are tailored for that and may be less annoying to your non-bot users.


@monicareinagel Do you allow registrations on your site and second, does it appear to be spam registrations because they’re all coming from the same IP’s? More specifically, any of these IP’s
If these are the IP’s you’re seeing, that’s normal Cloudflare traffic.


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