Automatic Redirect to HTTPS Not Working

I only starting recently (a few days ago) having an issue with automatic HTTPS redirection. I have both options for HTTPS enabled through Cloudflare. Now it goes to a block page due to the additional policy to block non HTTPS. Prior to a few days ago, it was all working fine and Cloudflare automatically did the HTTPS redirect and no block page. Now, users get the block page if HTTP only. But if they press reload, then it does the HTTPS redirect then.

How’s the block page looks like?

If I reload it after this page, then the automatic HTTPS redirect occurs and takes me through fine.

So I assume that your firewall rule checks whether the incoming traffic is HTTP only and then block it accordingly right? I think this is redundant and automatic HTTPS redirection is sufficient to ensure the user is visiting your site via HTTPS.

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That is exactly what that rule does, for the most part it ended up blocking the bots. I honestly don’t know why it was there in the first place. Only reason I could think of is that the redirect still happened and then add sure no non insecure requests showed on the dashboard. I just knew that it used to the work the way it did up til recently, but I’ll just take it out due to it being redundant like you said, since all the other features as pertain to HTTPS are turned on.

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