Automatic Purge Not Working For Me?

I am using a Matador Jobs plugin on a website where people can apply to a job. When a new job is posted, I can see it in my normal google chrome tab. When I go to incognito, the job does not appear, and when I try to apply to it as a test, it gives me a nonce error. Auto Purge Content On Update is set to On. Why might my site not automatically purge? When I purged everything it fixed the problem for me last night and today, so I know this is the issue.

Auto Purge on Content Update (aka Automatic Cache Management) works based on native WordPress hooks (there’s a list on the link below). It’s up to the plugin authors to make sure that certain actions invoke those hooks so that the Cloudflare plugin can do its part.

Automatic Cache Management uses native hooks built into WordPress. The Cloudflare WordPress plugin purges the following cache URLs:

Is there a way to get it to auto purge every few minutes?

You could write a script and run a cronjob with it. Or write a plugin that does that. But there are no ready recipes for those that I know of.