Automatic Platform Optimization vs WP Hosting Performances

When Automatic Platform Optimization is enabled, Cloudflare directly serves all requests from its servers.

If I enable this functionality my Worldpress site will have the same performances regardless of the WP hosting performance.

So I think I could migrate to low-cost / low-performance WP hosting and activate Automatic Platform Optimization.

What does this approach worth?
(from a performance standpoint)

In addition, this way Cloudflare serves cached static content.

Could it provide better performances than a dynamic WP site with VPS or dedicated hosting?
(without Cloudflare Automatic Platform Optimization)

If your site is relatively static, like no native discussion or shopping, then it’s pretty good. But not great. It still depends on content staying in the cache, just like your images. Unless you have a high-traffic site, you’re going to have a lot of visitors who notice slow performance. The first visit to any uncached resource is always going to get a degraded experience. It will be even more noticeable on low performance hosting.

Thank you!

Yes, my site is relatively static.

With this option, HTML pages should be cached as well.

Is there a way to force pages to stay cached? (at least for the more important ones)

Change the browser cache TTL (Caching > Configuration) to a much higher value. Try 1 day or 1 week. This will apply to all cached files.

You can set different TTL only for important pages by modifying the HTTP headers that are sent when those pages are requested. (Search how to modify HTTP headers)

Some quick reading on browser cache TTL:

And then look in to increasing the edge cache TTL.

Also keep in mind that APO doesn’t currently support “Page Rules” so you shouldn’t use them to do any of these TTL changes. Which means you need access to the origin server and Apache or whatever you use.

No, not in Cloudflare’s Edge Cache. Like anything other file, lesser used resources will be evicted early from the cache.

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