Automatic Platform Optimization not updating pages

We’ve been running Cloudflare for a while now and have not made any changes since enabling APO about 5 months ago on wordpress.

All has been working well, with posting around 6-8 stories per day and this reflecting real-time on the homepage.

However, this morning the latest posts did not update on the homepage and it reflecting the last post from yesterday.

After mucking around a lot, I have figured out it is the APO service that we enabled using the official Cloudflare plugin 5 months ago.

I’ve turned it off, and now the website runs as normal, and the homepage updates when posts are published.

This is obviously not ideal as APO otherwise was a good service. We did not make any server-side changes this week, including no plug-in updates etc on WordPress. All I did was remove and reload the Cloudflare plugin this morning to try and fix the issue (it did not).

Does anyone know how we can turn APO back on and fix this?

Thank you

Same here, all of our sites on APO are not updating for hours… cache is not being flushed / refreshed

I’m experiencing the same issue, content not updating. It work fine before until 1-2 days ago I think.

Same issue… Supposedly downgrading the plugin might fix. I am going to give it a try and I will report back.

after so many hours…no reply no fix no nothing for a paid service. Turning off the plugin helps

Downgraded to 4.10.1 and the issue was the same. I just put a ticket in about it. I would suggest everyone do the same since they are not active on community forum about the issue. Maybe we can force some attention to the issue. There are several issue posts with the same issue here, on their github and on the plugin issue board.

Thanks 3Sherpas, I have opened a ticket and talking to support now. Will update you all.

My thinking is that there was a change made to APO on Cloudflare’s backend that’s affecting us (not updating cache).

Also experiencing erratic behaviour from APO. Had been working perfectly for many months, but over the past week the ‘Cache By Device Type’ function began to have issues. Mobile version of site loading on desktop, and vice versa.

Have had to turn it off. Submitted a support ticket last week but no reply as yet.

I was told that the issue related to a different cache issue Cloudflare was fixing. Response form support:

There is an ongoing incident for cache reserve,

which may be having an indirect impact here.

The issue of outdated content not being removed is at the root of the problem.

I recommend monitoring this incident and see if the issue is resolved once a fix is rolled out:

I found that it did work ok for a day again and I turned APO on.

But now the issue is happening again - I’ve opened the ticket to see if there will be a proper fix as this is obviously affecting others. Many might not know either as when you’re logged in to a CMS like WordPress the caching is bypassed, so the website looks fine, but it is not.

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I’ve added myself to your ticket @parm and I am copied on your ticket @thedude.

I have the exact same problem on all my websites. I submitted a support ticket on February 16th but they did not fix the problem yet.

When we post new articles: They don’t appear in the homepage. We have to manually purge full site cache to make them appear.

Mobile version appears on Desktop.

Desktop version appears on Mobile.

Thanks for getting involved @cloonan

I still have this issue. It changes behavior though.

Sometimes, I can keep APO active and just purge the entire cache manually, and then the homepage will show the latest posts. But sometimes, I must turn APO off for a day or so because purging the entire cache does nothing.

No update on my ticket yet for two days. Of concern is that my website was rated good (green in search console) on all speed metrics by google (that was hard to do), and now it is saying needs improvement. Really need a full-time functional APO or will need alternative solution

@propea I have added myself to your ticket 2708659 and am escalating this topic for my colleagues

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Has anyone been able to solve this issue? I am experiencing the same problem.

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Hi all,

We’re looking into the issues with APO cache, thanks for your patience.


It seems that this was actually reported a few days ago on this topic:

It is apparently related to the cache by device type setting, so anyone experiencing this issue could try disabling that.

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Yes, but some of us don’t have a responsive theme. We have 2 separate code for Mobile and Desktop. So if we disable “Cache by Device”, we get the Desktop theme on Mobile and Mobile theme on Desktop.

But glad to hear that the team is working on a fix.

I totally understand that, I escalated this earlier as a high priority and agree that it’s not ideal. I am pushing on this one but there’s nothing else the community can do, unfortunately. Hopefully this will be resolved soon as it’s impacting a number of users.


Hi all!

We feel your pain when Desktop and Mobile are two separate responses, and Cache by Device Type is crucial.

Our internal Engineering team are aware of this APO issue and are actively working on it. A fix has been identified, it will rollout next week. We will update here as soon as we have further details.


a fix will be rolled out next week. Next week? You know people are paying for APO and Pro versions and it is not working for weeks, and is actually messing up entire sites.

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