Automatic Platform Optimization Not Active On Site?

Hello, I’ve enabled the Cloudflare plugin on my website, I’ve paid the $5 monthly charge for the Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress. And activated it on my website through the API. Yet when I look in my Cloudflare account under the speed optimization it indicates that the Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress is not active. I click the check again button and it still indicates that it’s not detecting the plugin on my website.
Thanks for any support.
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear about the troubles you are having with Wordpress Automatic Platform Optimization. If I might be able to inquire are you using any caching plugins in conjunction with Wordpress APO?

Additionally - you mentioned that you enabled through the API – just so I can clarify, are you not attempting to enable from within the Cloudflare wordpress plugin?


Hello Peter,
Appreciate the help.

I do have caching plugins on my site, W3, and possibly through site ground (my host).
Regarding the API: I enabled the APO through the plugin, you have to enter a Cloudflare API to do this. It does show APO as enabled and turned on within the wordpress plugin.

My issue is that when I look in my Cloudflare account, under-speed/optimization it says that the APO is “On” but has the following note: The WordPress plugin was not detected on my website.

Check the HTTP response headers on your website to see if APO is enabled.

cf-edge-cache: cache,platform=wordpress

Use dev tools in your browser or a tool like this to check header response:


as @trichstir mentioned – you can check for the HTTP response headers to ensure that our edge is able to see what’s expected. It’s possible the caching plugin may have cached a version of your page without the header which means APO was not able to detect it.

Purging the cache in your plugin may allow for the plugin to be detected however, is it possible for you to give this test a try?


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Hey Trichstir,
Thank you, I entered my site into the tool and I do see cf-edge-cache: cache,platform=wordpress so I’m going to assume it’s working properly?

It seems to be active. Check the header response on some more URLs. Pages, images, whatever you use. Look for this other APO response too:


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