Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress please help

Hey everyone, I just bought Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress and installed the plugin. But now, I’m seeing an error message. Can someone help me out?

The error message says your plugin is not returning the cf-edge-cache` header. This is a standard warning to check origin cache, as a cached page may hide this header. Purge all origin server cache, see if that solves the issue.

If not, re-install your Cloudflare plugin, see if that fixes the issue.

If not, then you’d need to investigate why the cf-edge-cache header is not present. You could for instance disable one plugin at a time, to try to find which plugin, if any, is removing that header, or preventing it from being generated.

Also, checking your php_errorlog file, if available, may also give you hints as to any PHP error related to the Cloudflare plugin (or any other plugin).

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