Automatic Platform Optimization for Wordpress issue - new domain

I have tried installing the APO on the third domain under the same account for Cloudflare however it wont work,

I cant enable the APO from the Wordpress plugin and the Cloudflare wont detect the Plugin installation as well. Every time i click on enable APO from the Cloudflare setting on WordPress and refresh the page it is back to disabled and in Cloudflare optimization still not detecting the plugin.

I am not running any caching software, except for REDIS.

Any help will be appreciated,


If you are having trouble making APO work, please have a read here: Automatic Platform Optimization - Cannot detect WP or plugin - #10 by yevgen but notice that the version numbers used, are maybe a little outdated, so just replace them with the newest ones.

If something does not work, error codes or error descriptions would be good. So what error is thrown when you try to activate it from the Wordpress plugin?

Thanks for the comment,

i tried everything on the mentioned article but nothing helped, i am not getting any error at all from the WP Cloudflare Plugin, its just when i switch it ON it stay on until i refresh or leave the page and then it back off, sometimes the cf-edge-cache response header is missing appear when referesh the page but for one second only, i dont have another cache plugin only Redis installed on the server.

I already have two websites under the same Cloudflare account running and all good, except for these two didnt and its been more than 20hours already,

Also the header still show: CF-Cache-Status DYNAMIC


Updated the Cloudflare plugin to the latest version but still facing same issue, when i am on the Cloudflare setting page i noticed the JS errors above

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