Automatic Platform Optimization for Wordpress - 5$ per month for multple domains?


I am a Cloudflare free account user and interested in purchasing Automatic Platform Optimization for Wordpress. I have multiple websites domains under my account. Is 5$ per month APO plan for single domain or all domains added under my cloudflare account? Please clarify the doubt.

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Good question. Actually most thing on CloudFlare are always on Domain-Base.
Means, getting a Pro package for one domain, will leave all other in free-plan.

Just checked the official site:

Which shows:
APO pricing

It is not very clearly stated if it is getting charged on domain, or account base. But according to my expreience its always on domain-base.

I have never used APO so I may could be wrong.

More clear would be:

Automatic Platform Optimization for Wordpress costs $5/month for customers on our Free plan for each domain

I’d be amazed if it was for the entire account.
Much more likely is it is $5 per domain

Hi @nikhilbhalwankar,

APO is a zone (domain) level product, meaning that you would have to purchase either APO ($5 /mo) or a Pro plan and above for each domain that you’d like to use the APO service on.

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In addition to that you can enable any number of subdomains with a single APO subscription.

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