Automatic Platform Optimization Can't Be Active

I purchased Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress. But I can’t active it. I try lots of thing.

I delete plugin and reinstall. I use global api and Manuel api. Both of them doesn’t work. I add my ip to Cloudflare to allow access.

I can’t active it on Wordpress and Cloudflare.

I thought it can’t be hard like that.


Please follow the documentation, especially the Troubleshooting section, and see if that solves your issue. If not, please post back with more details and screenshots of your failed attempts so that community members can see what errors you are seeing.


Thanks for replying. I try everything.

And also find another topic which is cant resolved.

And i submit a support ticket and no answers for hours.
My worst support experiment.

Do you mind to share the number, so the right people can act on it?

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Hi @gbaydemir I see a whole lot of tickets, duplicate tickets just slow the process for you and everyone else. I see this was resolved on ticket 2735357 and I will close the open duplicate ticket 2735406.

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You must be kidding. I didn’t get any support for 3 days. Then I got a refund. These were not duplicate support requests. It was a refund because it didn’t get support.

And it’s not solved. A refund is not a solution.

There is a problem with APO. And one one care about it even you purchase pro plan.Waste of time.

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