Automatic/phantom AAAA records being returned

We use a DNS monitoring service and have received alerts for two domains reporting changed IPv6 AAAA records, but we’ve not added any.

Initially the alerts caused alarm as we thought they were unauthorised DNS changes, but as there’s not actually any AAAA records added, but a lookup still responds with them, we figured this is something Cloudflare is automatically doing.

Is there any information about why this is happening? It might not be a new thing but as it’s happened on two domains over the last two days we’re just curious what it is and why they’re changing.

As far as I’m aware Cloudflare explicitly (and automatically) returns AAAA for basically all domains since a few months (if not years). There was a setting in the dashboard (still available in Business+ or for everyone through the API) to disable IPv6 support.

For every IPv4 (or IPv6) record Cloudflare returns both IPv4 and IPv6.

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