Automatic Page Rules

Please add detection so when someone navigates to page rules feature it detects what cms and platform they use and suggests the best page rules for their platform. This would make creating page rules for platforms like WordPress or Drupal a lot easier because users can just accept the suggested rules.

For example…which WordPress and Drupal Page Rules would you recommend for new users?


Just an FYI about those page rules, you don’t need “cache level: bypass” on any of those as long as there isn’t also a “cache level: everything” below it [the ‘cache level everything’ for wp-content doesn’t apply]. The standard cache level won’t cache HTML, and wordpress will cache bust preview pages automatically. It’s also not necessary to put the options for browser integrity check or browser cache TTL if they’re set globally.

Setting “recommended page rules” sounds good on paper, but almost nothing is a catch-all rule. Even with Wordpress or a Ghost blog, there will certainly be edge cases (oddly-coded plugins, proprietary webhook systems, etc) that won’t play well with the recommended rules.


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