Automatic HTTP to HTTPS redirection not working?

So I’ve transfered my domains from Nominalia to Cloudflare and I enabled the automatic redirection of HTTP connections to HTTPS, I have 2 domains that lead to the same IP, but only one of them works, which looks strange since Cloudflare dash states both of them are active…

Anyway, my domains are “” and “”, when I try connecting to via HTTP, nothing happens, it just won’t load, but if I connect from HTTPS, it works fine. However, when I connect to via HTTP, nothing happens, but when I connect via HTTPS nothing happens either lol.

Basically my problem is that HTTP to HTTPS redirection doesn’t work + doesn’t work at all now, pls help!

You need to create some DNS records. I see NS records and TXT records for SPF in both domains. You also have an MX record for, but you are missing the required A (or AAAA) records that tell visitors where to direct their HTTP requests.

How do I do that?

Manage DNS records will get you to where you need to be in the dashboard to add the records. You will need to obtain the correct IP address from your hosting provider.

Thank you, I think it works now, could you check?

Looks good from here. I am now getting A records of Cloudflare IPs for both of those zones at the apex.

Both load through in my browser via Cloudflare to an HTTP authorization prompt.

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