Automatic deployments with GitHub

I would have assumed there’d be more issues being posted around this by now if it was other than us but figured we’d ask:

We have a github repo w/ Cloudflare page automatic deployment tied to our master branch for production and others for preview.

All other repos are continuing to work but master has stopped updating to the production Cloudflare page. No security changes were made. We’ve turned off automatic deployment, etc.


Are you still having issues? We weren’t seeing builds for a few minutes due to:

But that is resolved now and we can see builds flowing again

Yes. This has been occurring for over a day and is not resolved.

What’s the for the project you’re experiencing this on?


I see a production deployment on master an hour ago for that project. All settings look ok too. So things from our side look ok, I’m not seeing any more webhooks from GitHub since the last build an hour ago.

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That deployment was a manual initiation in an attempt to get the system working again (starts with 4e that was committed on April 26th). Since then there are 3 more starting with f3 (May 7), d0 (May 8), and fd (2 hours ago). None are reflected in builds. Our github webhooks are showing those builds. I think you are on to something, webhook issues?

We were able to solve the issue by changing the configuration on Cloudflare to point at another branch, then pointing it back to master and performing a commit.

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