Automatic assignment of external domains

I have website network and I want to use Cloudflare as a default, but I don’t want to have access to client domains and dns settings, so i suppose that I can make domain with api which will be pending and then say to client to change nameservers to Cloudflare’s, and is this good and reliable solution?
What if someone else also use API? Would he “take over” of that domain? Is there any other solution to programmatically add domains but not interfere with client domain dns settings?

This is technically possible, the issue is that asking your clients to change their nameservers is not a good solution. Instead you should either do the below or give them your server IP (which then wouldn’t get Cloudflare protections).

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Will this way provide full Cloudflare protection as with nameservers?

The bottom solution will, but it’s an Enterprise feature. Other domains CNAMEing your domain while still receiving CF protection is an Enterprise-only feature.