Automated Certificate Upload


I have a number of constraints that today Cloudflare doesn’t seem to have a workable alternative.

I have about 10 subdomains that I need certificates for but

  • They need to auto renew every 90 days
  • They need to be my certificate as I have a few apps pinned to them

Today that’s possible via the web api but it’s error prone and time consuming. Especially If you have more than 1 cert to upload.

If there was an api that supported certificate uploading, that would solve it for me but there isn’t.


  1. Is certificate uploading via api in the roadmap at all?
  2. If so, do you have a timeline?
  3. Are there other solutions recommended for my setup?


  • This domain is on a business plan


This is a domain on the business plan?

Also - cron this - you can keep your certs updated.

Yes, it’s on a business plan

Can you try the following API:

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That seems like it would do. I was told there’s no endpoint to do this via api by a CF rep? I will try and report back. Thanks!

I imagine the API is constantly updating and changing, some support reps may have outdated knowledge on it

This actually worked! Thanks for your help.

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